The science is clear: to avoid the devastation of irreversible climate change, we must cut our carbon pollution to net zero by 2050. To do this, we need ambitious legislation like the 2050 Roadmap Bill to ensure Massachusetts meets its climate goals while keeping people and jobs front and center.

This bill is a critical update to the state’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act. The 2050 Roadmap Bill requires use of the latest science to create a comprehensive plan to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by at least 2050. It also adds new accountability — holding state agencies accountable to the legislature and to the people of Massachusetts for implementing that plan.

To reach our climate goals, we must fundamentally transform our entire economy. This will affect us all: how we heat and cool our homes and offices, how we get to work and take our kids to school, and how we power our businesses and the jobs they provide. Only by engaging all sectors will we be able to make this transformation. The 2050 Roadmap Bill includes crucial, front-loaded milestones and timelines to ensure we’re making permanent progress starting now.

By following the science, using smart analysis, and supporting communities along the way, Massachusetts can thrive as we transform our energy economy to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

We’ve been on the forefront of this issue for years, and we must keep making progress. By creating a concrete and comprehensive plan to combat climate change before it’s too late, we can ensure the future of Massachusetts for generations to come.

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