Support the Public Lands Preservation Act!

Join ELM in supporting this legislation, which will codify the state’s policy on “no net loss” of protected open space and add transparency to land transfers involving protected open space. The Environment Committee held a hearing on the bill on May 2, 2017. We encourage the public to submit testimony in support of this legislation. 

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Click here for sample testimony you can customize and send to the Environment Committee Chairs.

Massachusetts is the home of the first dedicated conservation land in the United States. We in Massachusetts are fortunate to have a robust network of land trusts including statewide, regional and local organizations that each have a set of priorities that broaden and complement state efforts.

When we protect special landscapes and natural areas, we are taking the long view and securing something precious for our children and future generations. Without Walden Pond, Mt. Greylock, the Esplanade, and the hundreds of urban, suburban and rural areas that provide a respite for all people, Massachusetts would be a much less desirable place to live. ELM has long played an important role in protecting land, starting in 1898 when we were first established as the Massachusetts Forestry Association.

Currently 55% of critical wildlife habitat still lacks permanent protection, and only 16% of wetlands are permanently protected. Land protection can play a role in how we and other species adapt to changes in our climate.

Legislative Priorities

Community Preservation Act Trust Fund

The Community Preservation Act was enacted in 2000 to provide funding for open space protection, affordable housing and historic preservation.This legislation would establish a permanent adjustment to the current funding source for the CPA Trust Fund.

For more information about the CPA and which communities are participating visit Community Preservation Coalition.