Partnerships We Lead

ELM works with a wide range of nonprofit, corporate and government partners to protect the Massachusetts environment.

Corporate Council

Learn more about how leading Massachusetts corporations are going green and helping ELM make the case for environment-friendly public policy in the Corporate Council. We launched the ELM Corporate Council to build a bridge between the environmental community and leading Massachusetts companies that have demonstrated innovative environmental policies or practices.

Global Warming Solutions Project

The Global Warming Solutions Project (GWSP) was created as a multi-disciplinary effort to facilitate and maximize the implementation of the The Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA).


Other Partnerships

Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance

As a member of the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance (MSGA), ELM joins with housing, community development, planning, and conservation groups, as well as other interested citizens and organizations in our commonwealth. Nationally, the SGA has a collective membership in the thousands. In Massachusetts, we have 6 Smart Growth Alliance partners.

Our objectives include improving development conception and planning, preserving our heritage resources, expanding choices in housing and transportation for residents of all incomes, seeking ways to make urban living healthier and more attractive, and seeking ways to balance our needs for new development with our needs to sustain and improve our environment.

T4MA – Transportation for Massachusetts

T4MA – Transportation for Massachusetts is a broad coalition of 30 organizations representing tens of thousands of residents committed to building a 21st century transportation system for Massachusetts. Our members are focused on different causes – from social justice to economic development to the environment – but we all see transportation as vital to Massachusetts and our shared future.

Massachusetts Rivers Alliance

Massachusetts Rivers Alliance protects and restores rivers across the Commonwealth and strengthens, connects, and empowers individuals and organizations working to protect rivers in our state.

National Affiliate

National Wildlife Federation

ELM is the Massachusetts Affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). ELM works closely with NWF on a variety of issues, including efforts to combat climate change and to protect wildlife. ELM became NWF’s Massachusetts affiliate in 1992.

Offshore Wind

ELM and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) are working together to promote offshore wind power for Massachusetts. Offshore wind power is a solution that matches the scale of the Commonwealth’s growing energy challenges. Now is the moment to embrace the many benefits it can deliver to our environment, communities, and economy.

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