New England for Offshore Wind

Over the next decade, between one sixth and one third of New England’s nuclear, coal, and oil-fired power plants will be closing down. As a region, we are facing a turning point. New England has the opportunity to fill this gap with clean, efficient offshore wind. New England has a high demand for energy, abundant wind resources offshore, and shallow waters that are perfect for turbines.

This trifecta makes growing our offshore wind industry the greatest single lever New England can pull to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow the economy at the same time.

During the 2018 gubernatorial election, hundreds of ELM supporters urged Governor Baker to commit to doubling down on Massachusetts’ offshore wind procurement. We look forward to working with Governor Baker and the legislature to not only reach this commitment, but go beyond it.

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An Act relative to multi-state offshore wind procurement

ELM supports a bill compelling Massachusetts to collaborate with the other New England states to explore issuing a joint procurement for 6 GW of new offshore wind. It would also authorize Massachusetts to enter into such an agreement and direct utilities to purchase this new power. Between 4 and 9 GW of older fossil and nuclear power plants will close in coming years. It should be replaced by clean, inexpensive, and plentiful offshore wind.

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The Benefits of Growing our Offshore Wind Industry

New England is home to some of the first and finest colleges and universities in the nation. We are also the home of the nation’s first offshore wind farm. Thanks to the leadership of the New England states, hundreds, and hopefully thousands, more megawatts of offshore wind are coming soon.

New England’s greatest strength is the intellectual capital developed by its colleges and universities. Unfortunately, polls show that New England is not always good at retaining graduates after they complete their degrees.

If our home-grown industry doesn’t keep pace, our graduates and researchers will need to leave the region in search of opportunities.

ELM worked with educational leaders from six higher education institutions representing the six New England states to write an op ed on the importance of growing our offshore wind industry to keep our best and brightest in New England.

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