As development continues to sprawl further away from town and city centers, the number of miles Massachusetts residents are driving is growing. This is due to how we use our land, the lack of good alternatives to driving, high home prices in the close-in suburbs, and a failure to plan regionally.

The state should support improved planning so that our housing, jobs, and shops are closer to one another. Transportation investments should be based on sound land use planning so that we can cut down on the length of our commutes. Increased funding for public transit that works for people commuting in and out of Boston and that serves other job centers along Routes 128 and 495 would give residents new options for how to get to work.


Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) - Boston MALegislative Priorities

Transportation Funding

Through our work with Transportation for Massachusetts, we will support legislation that would put in place additional reforms and increase revenue for transportation with an emphasis on transit, biking and walking and other innovative mobility options that would reduce greenhouse gases from the transportation sector.