Annual Report

ELM’s Annual Report report showcases our achievements over the last year, where we are headed, and our very generous supporters.

Check out our Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2020!

MA Energy and Environment Report Card: Year Four

ELM and five other leading environmental organizations review the Baker administration’s fourth year of environmental and energy policy decisions and make recommendations for Governor Baker’s second term. The report highlights a number of key issues of concern, includes a number of areas where positive steps have been taken, and offers recommendations to move the state forward.

Read the report card for year four here!

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Green Budget

The purpose of our annual Green Budget recommendations is to ensure that the agencies responsible for protecting public health and our natural resources have sufficient funding to carry out an increasingly broad array of critical responsibilities.

The Green Budget is the work of the Environmental League of Massachusetts, supported and informed by 65 organizations throughout the Commonwealth. The Green Budget has become a critical tool in the environmental community. It tells us where we are and what funding we need to meet our obligations to the environment. We all have individual responsibility to help push our government to meet our collective environmental obligations.

Read the Green Budget here!

GWSP: The Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Scorecard

The Global Warming Solutions Project (GWSP) was created as a multi-disciplinary effort to facilitate and maximize the implementation of the GWSA. This report and climate scorecard represents the GWSP’s initial assessment of the actions by the Baker administration to live up to their commitment and comply with the requirements of the GWSA. In it they evaluate the actions of the first year of the Baker administration and the policy actions outlined in its recent Clean Energy and Climate Plan (CECP) Update and provide additional recommendations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Previous Climate Scorecards

Legislative Scorecard

ELM’s scorecard relies first on roll call votes on legislation that deals with environmental and energy issues. Observers of the state Legislature know that there are few roll call votes each session and that controversial votes are often taken as voice votes that are not recorded. As a result, ELM added leadership along with votes to better distinguish environmental champions and opponents. The scorecard is now managed by our 501(c)(4) branch, the ELM Action Fund.

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ELM Advocate: Fall 2016 Newsletter

The lastest edition of the ELM Advocate spotlights our victories from the last legislative session and our priorities for the future, as well as introduces our newest Corporate Council members.

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