The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is a collaboration of twelve states and D.C. that would cap transportation emissions and place a fee on fuel imports. TCI is a once in a generation opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and raise much needed revenue to modernize our transportation system on a regional scale. Unreliable transit is taking time residents should be spending at work or with their families. Those without choices have to drive and the resulting traffic congestion is further damaging our environment, public health, and quality of life. Right now, the leaders of the TCI states are soliciting feedback on the program and will decide this spring if they will participate.

Help us show a flood of public support for a strong Transportation and Climate Initiative by submitting a public comment on a draft framework to reduce climate pollution from transportation.

In your stakeholder comment, we recommend you:

  • Say why you care about reducing pollution from transportation.
  • Thank Governor Baker for his leadership and request that Massachusetts formally join the program.
  • Ask that leadership chooses the most aggressive greenhouse gas reduction target that the most recent climate science tells us we need.
  • Urge that the policy prioritizes clean investments in areas overburdened by pollution and/or for those who don’t have access to transportation choices.

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