Reform the Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) to ensure environmental justice communities are represented in the decision-making process

Many environmental justice communities are overburdened by polluting energy infrastructure located in their neighborhoods. Historically, the process for siting these facilities has been flawed, with residents not being heard and the cumulative impacts of these decisions harming the health and wellbeing of families. The Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB) is currently comprised largely of appointed gubernatorial Administration officials. We will work to reform the EFSB so that cumulative impacts are considered, and members of environmental justice communities are included in the decision-making processes.

2021-2022 Accomplishments

The 2022 Climate and Clean Energy Bill (H.5060)’s Impacts on Environmental Justice 

  • Ensures protections for ratepayers adopting clean energy.  
  • Empowers MassCEC to fund new clean energy research, build relevant infrastructure, support equitable growth, and expand its workforce development programs, including the equity programs established in the 2021 Roadmap law.
  • Creates a new state-funded offshore wind training program for high schoolers. 
  • Directs MassSave to increase clean energy participation by low-income households and renters, and mandates more data collection on the effort.