ELM Corporate Council

An Innovative Strategic Alliance

ELM launched the ELM Corporate Council in 2010 to build a bridge between the environmental community and leading Massachusetts companies that have demonstrated innovative environmental policies or practices.


The ELM Corporate Council is a deep, working alliance between the private sector and environmental advocates to improve environmental policy and business practice in the Commonwealth. The Council represents a pro-business/pro-environment association. It underscores that we can have both a healthy environment and a vibrant economy — these goals are not at odds, but rather are mutually reinforcing.

Common Principles

Corporate Council members share a set of common principles including:

  • Affordable clean energy drives economic competitiveness, grid reliability, and air quality. Importantly, it improves the health of our employees and their families.
  • Well-resourced environmental agencies can permit at the speed of business. They also steward the public natural areas that are treasured amenities to our employees and customers.
  • Massachusetts has the potential to be a global leader in the design and export of climate solutions and technologies. A strong clean tech sector burnishes our brand as an innovation hotspot, attracts world-class talent to our economy, and grows tax revenues to re-invest across the state.
  • World-class mobility and transit infrastructure are essential to our economic growth, social mobility, and environmental goals.

How to Join

To explore whether your company is a fit for the ELM Corporate Council, please contact Miriam Harris, VP for Strategic Partnerships at mharris@environmentalleague.org

Current Members