March 23, 2020


Dear ELM and ELM Action Fund family,

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy in this unprecedented and anxious time.

Here at ELM, we are taking all necessary precautions to care for our staff, supporters and the public. Our team is equipped to work from home, we have transitioned our events to virtual convenings, and we have postponed our annual Earth Night reception until the fall. We are finding creative ways to maintain the collaborative spirit that is the hallmark of ELM’s strong culture.

Our commitment to making Massachusetts a nation-leading example of environmental policy leadership is stronger than ever. The COVID-19 crisis lays bare our interconnectedness and our vulnerability. Alongside COVID-19, the climate crisis continues to unravel. Each takes a heavy human toll, amplifying income disparities, and placing the cruelest loads on those least able to cope.

In yesterday’s Boston Globe, we read how Massachusetts’ biotech and medical researchers are leaders in the race to create antivirus drugs and vaccines that can save lives across the world.

ELM has long believed that Massachusetts’ policy makers have a parallel opportunity: with ELM’s help, they can design and implement groundbreaking policy solutions to the climate crisis. Like good medicine, proven and replicable environmental policy is exportable — and life-saving.

Thanks to your support, ELM has advocated for Massachusetts to lead for 121 years. Together with you, we remain determined to shape our Commonwealth into a bold laboratory for effective environmental policy.

With gratitude and resolve,

Elizabeth Henry
President, Environmental League of Massachusetts
Clare Kelly
Executive Director, ELM Action Fund
Nancy Goodman
VP for Policy
Casey Bowers
Legislative Director
Miriam Posner
Director of Corporate Engagement
Susannah Hatch
Clean Energy Coalitions Director
Ellen Tomlinson
Communications Manager
Liam Garvey
Development Manager
Randi Soltysiak
Accounting and Finance Manager
Katie Burnett
Program Manager
Liesel Davis
Development and Administration Associate
Griffin Girard, Maliha Kahn & Casey Greenleaf
ELM Action Fund Campaign and Advocacy Fellows

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