February 3, 2017

ELM & Partners Support Pacheco Energy Bill

The National Wildlife Federation has named ELM its state Affiliate of the Year for our work promoting carbon-free offshore wind power. With affiliates in almost every state doing impressive work, this is a significant honor. ELM has been NWF’s Massachusetts Affiliate since 1992.

In his award letter, NWF President Collin O’Mara wrote “The Environmental League of Massachusetts has long been a champion of conservation – working to protect our land, water, and the health of the public. Your work to lead the charge on renewable energy in Massachusetts, resulting in the largest commitment to offshore wind in the country, serves as an inspiration to others. The innovative approach of ELM, combined with your collaborative spirit, lend strength and power to the Federation.” The award will be presented at NWF’s Annual Meeting on June 10 in Stevenson, WA.

The energy bill passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor last August mandates that electric utilities purchase a minimum of 1,600 MW of offshore wind power by 2027 – enough to power more than 20% of all MA homes. ELM has worked closely with NWF over the last few years on this campaign, and the campaign continues, as we work with NWF and other members of the newly formed Offshore Wind Coalition to promote offshore wind power.

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