April 8, 2020April 8, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


Wednesday Webinar Series

Watch our 2020 Wednesday Webinar series.

Together, we heard from leaders across the Commonwealth who are working to secure a clean and vibrant future for our citizens. Here’s what they said:

  • We must fight for racial justice and equity, not just for reducing greenhouse gasses;
  • COVID-19 demonstrates the consequences of ignoring science;
  • Youth climate activists are expanding the realm of what is possible in environmental policy;
  • MA must challenge the federal government to enforce our hard-fought environmental protections;
  • We must redesign our transportation system to be accessible, safe, and powered by clean energy;
  • The political will for advocacy on climate policy is not diminished because of the pandemic, but in many cases, strengthened; and
  • We must elect environmental champions at all levels of government if we want a clean, green, and just future.

The ELM team will continue to use our virtual platform to bring our supporters together and accelerate progress toward a green and just recovery. If you enjoyed this webinar series, please consider making a donation to ELM. The climate crisis continues to rage alongside the COVID-19 crisis. We are adapting our advocacy in new and creative ways. Your support is critical as we fight for a better future for all Massachusetts residents, present and future.

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