Holding Decision Makers Accountable

The pace with which Massachusetts is passing groundbreaking new climate laws is increasing. We must now ensure that these laws are effectively implemented and lead to tangible, measurable results. ELM not only devotes our energy to passing smart legislation, but also to the next steps in the process be it regulations, scaling up pilot programs, or securing funding so projects can be realized. We use our platform, expertise, and relationships to promote transparency and monitor whether funding is spent appropriately, deadlines are met, and essential new programs reach their potential and serve all residents. 

We at ELM:

  • Educate the public so that Massachusetts residents better understand the potential and impact of major climate legislation and which leaders and institutions are responsible for effective implementation. 
  • Monitor key policy deadlines established in foundational climate laws at NetZeroMA.org. 
  • Advocate for equitable, effective federal spending to support climate infrastructure and economic recovery funding in line with the Justice40 Initiative. 
  • Leverage our membership on the Commonwealth’s Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) Implementation Advisory Committee and other key advisory boards to hold state policymakers accountable and to amplify EJ partners’ voices when decisions are made. 
  • Utilize the expertise of our staff to analyze the impacts of and provide commentary on local, state, regional, and federal regulatory processes. 
  • Assess the effectiveness of equity programs established by the 2022 Clean Energy and Climate Bill to ensure equitable access to economic opportunity in the renewable energy transition.