January 7, 2019

Eight New Members Join ELM Corporate Council

The Environmental League of Massachusetts is pleased to announce eight new businesses have joined its growing Corporate Council. The ELM Corporate Council is a working alliance of business and environmental leaders to improve policy and corporate practice in the Commonwealth. In 2018 the council grew its membership and its influence. ELM’s new Director for Corporate Engagement, Miriam Posner, has brought new energy and focus to the group. In 2018, council members attended multiple lawmaker education days, meeting with legislators to discuss priority issues including the importance of issues including raising the renewable portfolio standard. Bringing business voices to provide real life examples of the economic benefits of strong environmental policy is a key way that ELM will affect change in the new legislative session.

As the 2019-2020 legislative session gets underway, the ELM Corporate Council will be convening to discuss issues and plans for the legislative session. ELM is dedicated to raising business voices and illustrating connections between the environment, the economy, and public health.

“These companies demonstrate that a healthy environment and a thriving economy are not at odds but rather mutually-reinforcing. They not only lead on sustainability within their own portfolios but also share their perspective with our state government leaders to help drive innovative policy changes. By sharing their stories and raising their voices, the ELM Corporate Council elevates the discussion on the Commonwealth’s environmental policy,” said Elizabeth Henry, ELM President.

The following companies have joined the ELM Corporate Council:

Anbaric specializes in early stage development of large-scale electric transmission systems, the transformation of the electric and heating/cooling systems on campuses, and storage solutions surrounding microgrid projects. They work to enable energy to be used more efficiently and sustainably. Anbaric’s corporate headquarters are in Wakefield, MA.

 AVANGRID is a leading, sustainable energy company. They own eight electric and natural gas utilities serving 3.2 million customers in New York and New England, and operate 7.1 gigawatts of electricity capacity, primarily through wind power. AVANGRID owns 50% of Vineyard Wind, and together they are set to bring 800 MW of offshore wind to Massachusetts in the coming years. AVANGRID’s American headquarters are in Orange, CT and Vineyard Wind is based in New Bedford, MA.

Bemis Associates is an adhesives & specialty films company. They devise solutions to help make their products higher performance, lower profile, and better fitting. They use environmentally thoughtful methods in their manufacturing and recycle whenever possible. Bemis’s corporate headquarters are in Shirley, MA.

John Hancock is an insurance, investment, and retirement company that strives to make meaningful impacts by operating our business responsibly, and by investing in organizations that empower people on their journey to overall well-being. John Hancock’s US headquarters are in Boston, MA.

MIT Sloan School of Management has been leading the way in sustainability for decades. The Sloan Sustainability Initiative connects faculty and students with leaders from business, NGOs, government, and hybrid organizations to spur innovation. They help partners develop and evaluate new products and services, new management practices, new business models, and new market infrastructures to drive more effective and sustainable use of natural and human resources, creating value for business and society. MIT Sloan is based in Cambridge, MA.

Novartis is a global heathcare company that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide. The company’s new Environmental Sustainability Strategy sets time-bound, science-based goals to become carbon-neutral, plastic-neutral and water-sustainable. Novartis’s US headquarters are in Cambridge, MA.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell is committed to climate neutrality and is a leader in sustainable education, research, and innovation. Sustainability is a core commitment of the University. They run the nationally recognized Center for Wind Energy and operate an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center devoted to wind energy.

 WinnCompanies develops and operates properties to maximize their use and promote healthy communities. They also ensure the efficient use of natural resources, a critical goal for the environment and for their business. WinnCompanies are based in Boston, MA.

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