March 28, 2022

ELM Launches Climate Accountability Tool Tracks MA’s Progress Toward Meeting our Climate Commitments

One year after Governor Baker signed one of the most ambitious climate laws in the nation, the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) and partners have developed a tool to see if we are on track to meet our climate commitments. We have a mere eight years to reduce our emissions by at least 50% by 2030 as called for in the law.  


ELM, with support from the Conservation Law Foundation, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, and Elders Climate Action, created This accountability website details each of the provisions in the Roadmap Act– where we have met our commitments, what’s in process, and where Massachusetts is falling short. 


“This tool will allow advocates, legislators, and state officials to easily track progress toward the Commonwealth’s climate commitments,” said ELM Vice President for Policy Nancy Goodman. “It will take bold plans, timely implementation, and accountability to ensure Massachusetts reduces emissions at the rate required by the latest science.” 


The Roadmap Act set ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets and requires the administration to set interim targets, both for the overall economy and for each carbon emitting sector. Signed into law on March 26, 2021, it includes important environmental justice (EJ) provisions, defining an EJ community for the first time in statute and requiring the state to consider the cumulative health impacts of polluting facilities in permitting decisions. The Act further calls for improvements to appliance efficiency standards, funding for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, development of a specialized building stretch code, and more. The accountability website provides details on each of the provisions and the current status. 


This website will serve as a tool for ongoing tracking of the Commonwealth’s progress toward carbon neutrality. Even with prompt implementation of the Roadmap Act, it is not enough to meet our 2030 climate target, so the ELM team will continually update to reflect the most-current deadlines and progress as new complementary policies are put in place. These additional policies and actions will be necessary to move the Commonwealth toward a sustainable, equitable future with resilient communities powered by renewable energy. 

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