January 17, 2020

Environmental League of Massachusetts statement on today’s TCI Opposition

Every resident of the Commonwealth has much to gain from the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). TCI is a regional program that would reduce harmful pollution and modernize the transportation system while raising up to $500 million per year for the Commonwealth.

Our crumbling transportation infrastructure has a chokehold on our economy, our health and our climate goals. In poll after poll, respondents across Massachusetts and the broader region report their frustration over our transportation system, their anxiety about climate change and air pollution, and their support for policy action. For example, the MassInc Polling Group’s November 2019 poll of 6,395 registered voters across seven states showed that two out of three support the concept of TCI.

A decade ago, Massachusetts passed the Global Warming Solutions Act. This law mandates that the state reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050. With 44% of our emissions coming from transportation, this sector simply must reduce its carbon pollution, and dramatically.

The Environmental League of Massachusetts applauds Governor Baker’s leadership on TCI. We also celebrate the concerted stakeholder process that underpins TCI. All participating states have been thoughtfully listening to stakeholders over the past several years. The concerns and needs of rural, low income, and business stakeholders are at the center of this pragmatic and popular program. With TCI, Massachusetts residents can enjoy the benefits of improved air quality and enhanced transportation infrastructure while knowing that we are on a path to meaningfully curb dangerous climate pollution.

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