August 3, 2020

MA House Passes the 2050 Roadmap Bill

ELM applauds the House for passing the 2050 Roadmap bill. This legislation positions the Commonwealth on a strategic and tactical path toward carbon neutrality by 2050. In order to meet our ambitious long-term goals, we need the interim targets, data-driven plan, and accountability mechanisms that this bill provides.

The Roadmap bill was strengthened further through the amendment process, yielding a comprehensive environmental bill that will empower our communities, protect our natural resources, and promote renewable energy, including game-changing offshore wind power, for our Commonwealth.

With the adoption of the Environmental Justice amendment, the legislature acknowledges that we need to act so that already overburdened communities aren’t further harmed from pollution and public health inequities. These provisions will enhance project reviews and make public processes more accessible and inclusive.

We look forward to working with the conference committee to ensure a strong bill reaches the Governor’s desk. Climate action can’t wait.

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