May 21, 2020

Wednesday Webinar Session 7: The Future of Transportation Post-COVID

In the seventh session of our “Wednesday Webinars” series–“The Future of Transportation Post-COVID” with Monica Tibbits-Nutt, who sits on the board of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, is the Vice Chair of the MBTA’s Fiscal Management Control Board, and serves as the Executive Director of 128 Business Council.

Monica discussed the challenges COVID-19 is presenting to our transportation system. Transit ridership is down, and so is fare revenue. However, she assured us that crucial plans and improvements for the MBTA are still moving forward.

Addressing the inequities in public transit access and implementing programs like the Transportation and Climate Initiative are even more important now that the current public health crisis has exposed our vulnerabilities.

As Massachusetts begins to “reopen”, Monica is working to ensure our transportation system is sufficient, safe, and supportive and that those who rely on public transit are not left behind. She called on viewers to take this opportunity to rethink our commutes, transit routes, and the space we allocate for biking and walking throughout our cities and towns.

As Monica said, “This is an opportunity to allow humans to be central to the communities we’re living in.”

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