Mark Bilbe

Mark worked with Mimecast for 16 years, from its founding in 2005 to 2022. Over the years at Mimecast, he held several leadership roles, including Vice President of Sales, Chief of Customer Operations, and finally Chief of Staff of the U.S. business. Previously, he worked for McKinsey & Co in London as part of their Research & Information team.

Prior to joining Mimecast, Mark completed a Ph.D. in African History at the University of Cambridge. While in London he also worked for the British Library on their Oral History of the Wine Trade in the UK initiative.

He now leads the team at the Bauer Family office, the foundation of Peter Bauer, Co-Founder & CEO of Mimecast. Peter was a major donor ($100,000) to the ELM IE PAC in 2022 and has given to LCV. Mark maintains some level of influence over Mimecast corporate giving. Mark currently lives in the Greater Boston area with his family.