Pete Pedersen

Pete Pedersen is the co-founder of brownfield redeveloper Renova Partners, founded by Mr. Pedersen and a partner in the Bay Area of California in 2001, and solar developer for Brightfields Development, founded in 2009. Mr. Pedersen, now retired from Brightfields Development, is currently the Principal of Renova Partners and remains involved with property restoration issues. Mr. Pedersen also team teaches a course in sustainable finance to undergraduates at Babson College, where he is an Adjunct Professor. He has over thirty-five years of experience in law, corporate finance, and business with special expertise in corporate control transactions and transactions involving environmentally impaired properties. Mr. Pedersen was a corporate attorney and Vice President for Corporate Development at Thermo Electron Corporation and a Principal at EnCapital, Inc. While at Thermo, he managed acquisition campaigns, venture capital investments, and initial public offerings. At EnCapital, Mr. Pedersen originated and managed merger and acquisition and private placement engagements. Early in his career, he worked in corporate finance at Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb in New York and as an attorney at Nagashima & Ohno in Tokyo and Hale and Dorr in Boston. Mr. Pedersen is a regular speaker on redevelopment issues at various academic institutions as well as at several trade and professional forums. Mr. Pedersen graduated from Amherst College, magna cum laude, and the University of Chicago Law School.