Earth Night 2023 Sponsors


Our Gold Sponsors

A message from AT&T:
“As one of the largest corporate purchasers of renewable energy in the U.S., AT&T shares ELM’s commitment to transforming the way we and our customers care for our world. As one of the world’s largest companies, we can play a role in creating a better, more environmentally sustainable future. We’re acting to address climate change and prepare for its impacts because it is good for our business, for the stakeholders we serve and for our planet. As a connectivity provider, AT&T is well positioned to connect the technology that will enable the global transition to a net-zero economy. Today’s world is interdependent, and resilience can’t be built in a vacuum. From businesses to local leaders to government officials, all of us must work together to discover new strategies and reshape what it means to be resilient. For more detail on our environmental sustainability initiatives, visit:”


A message from Avangrid:
“AVANGRID is a leading sustainable energy company focused on accelerating the clean energy transition in the United States, operating a diverse portfolio of wind and solar projects in 24 states. We are proud to share a vision and partner with a leading organization like the Environmental League of Massachusetts. Together both organizations are working to deliver and advocate for a dramatic expansion of clean energy in Massachusetts and beyond, particularly offshore wind. We greatly appreciate ELM’s leading role in developing the policies to ensure that Massachusetts is a national leader on offshore wind and climate change.”


A message from Bemis:
“Bemis supports ELM because they make real impact in an area we care deeply about. We realize climate change mitigation and adaptation require a systems change approach that is so much larger than anything we can influence within our business and supply chain. So, while we work to create change within the current system, we are also committed to using our collective voice to advocate for bold climate policy that changes the system. ELM has proven their ability to lead that change. Their unwavering commitment to help the Commonwealth achieve the bold commitments laid out in the Next Gen Roadmap Bill make us proud to be partners. Their policy briefings, lobby days and sign-on letters keep us engaged and connected. Their ability to make real and meaningful change, like the adoption of the 2022 Climate and Clean energy bill, inspire us and give us confidence for our collective future!”


A message from Commonwealth Fusion Systems:
“We know the profound impact ELM has had in Massachusetts during its 125 years at the forefront of advocacy. Its leadership and work with a broad set of stakeholders has helped Massachusetts lead the way on environmental policies that are so important to the future of our planet. As a mission-driven company, Commonwealth Fusion Systems understands the importance of this work and the massive challenges we face to combat the climate crisis. We want to be part of the solution and look forward to continuing to support ELM, as we work together to catalyze the clean energy transition.”


A message from Eastern Bank:
“We are honored to share a 10+ year relationship with the Environmental League of Massachusetts as a member of the Corporate Council. It has helped us to move the needle in many ways, and crucially in learning about environmental issues and how we can work together to advocate for legislation, such as environmental justice protections, that meet the scale of our most pressing environmental challenges and help level the playing field for those most in need. We recognize business, non-profit and government partnerships provide the knowledge, expertise, products, services, and most importantly a platform to advance environmental sustainability issues in our community. Investing in climate solutions isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. These investments create greater upward mobility, a more capable and diverse workforce, and economic health. From all of us at Eastern Bank, thank you to the Environmental League of Massachusetts team for all you do!”


A message from Eversource:
“Eversource has been a proud supporter of the Environmental League of MA for many years. Eversource is investing in innovative solutions to meet the growing needs of our customers and communities to ensure a more sustainable and equitable clean energy future. This future only works if it’s accessible to everyone. ELM’s climate work ensures environmental and health benefits can be shared by all.”


A message from National Grid:
“National Grid shares ELM’s focus on securing the health and wellbeing of the environment for future generations. We are working to deliver the clean energy transition affordably, equitably and reliably for all Bay Staters and recognize the importance of collaborating and partnering with ELM and others to make this happen. Massachusetts consistently ranks at or near the top nationally in energy efficiency programs, electric vehicles on roads, solar installations, planned offshore wind, and environmental stewardship. We are proud to help make this happen by building a smarter, stronger and cleaner energy network that will create the foundation for the net zero future and accelerate the decarbonization of buildings and transportation, expand electrification and enable a fossil-free future for all sectors of the economy. Working together, we can set a new climate standard, drive innovation and economic opportunity, and create connections for the future.”


A message from Ørsted:
“Ørsted’s vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy, so we are proud to support the work of the Environmental League of Massachusetts. ELM understands that we need to move as quickly as possible to combat climate and works every day to make it happen. By bringing together people with different interests and finding common ground for collaboration, they are driving needed change through hard work, dedication, and brilliance. They don’t just “talk the talk” – they “walk the walk.” Ørsted works closely with ELM on clean energy policy and together, we’re getting it done for Massachusetts.”


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