August 11, 2022

ELM’s Statement on Governor Baker Signing An act driving clean energy and offshore wind

By reaching a compromise on the Climate and Clean Energy Bill, the Legislature and the Administration have reinforced their commitment to leading the nation and acting urgently to address the climate crisis. Governor Baker’s signing of the climate bill comes right on the heels of the biggest federal action on climate in history. These sweeping actions are the result of people across the Commonwealth and the country experiencing the impacts of climate change firsthand and demanding action. 

This law builds on existing climate policy and accelerates our transition to local, clean energy, setting us on a course toward a sustainable, healthy future,” said ELM Action Fund Executive Director Casey Bowers. Recent heatwaves and drought conditions have made the immediate need to reduce emissions and protect vulnerable communities even clearer.  

This law works to electrify the transportation sector, increases renewable energy resources, protects electric ratepayers from unpredictable price spikes, and much more. It’s another example of Massachusetts leaders modeling policy solutions and playing a key role in fighting climate change in our communities and across the country. We look forward to carrying this momentum and building on this legislation next session to ensure Massachusetts is on track to reach its 2030 and 2050 climate goals. We cannot afford to slow down. 

We thank Governor Baker for signing this bill and solidifying his legacy as a leader in offshore wind and clean energy and our climate champions in the Legislature for their tireless work ensuring this bill becomes law. 

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