June 25, 2019

Environmental and Business Groups Call for Transportation Cap-and-Invest Program

We all know our public transportation system needs serious work. It’s broken, congested, dirty, and in need of revenue. That’s why ELM has created an uncommon alliance of business & environmental groups to call on Governor Charlie Baker to lead in the creation of a cap-and-invest program for transportation.

Transportation represents 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions, and growing. Congested roadways and crumbling public transit are severely harming our environment and our economy, frustrating employers, their workforce, and environmentalists alike. A year ago, ELM began convening key business groups to find common ground and accelerate solutions. Last week, this group delivered a joint letter to Governor Baker in support of a meaningful regional “cap and invest” program to drive down emissions and reinvest in new, low-carbon transit options. Because creating a clean, modern transportation system is good for businesses, as well as our climate and health. Read the Boston Globe article about the alliance and the full letter below.

Read the Boston Globe Article

Read the letter to Governor Baker from business & environmental leaders

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