June 10, 2020

Wednesday Webinar Session 9: Corporate Sustainability & Public Policy

In the ninth session of our Wednesday Webinar series – “Corporate Sustainability & Public Policy” we were joined by three of our ELM Corporate Council members: Monica Nakielski from Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, Johanna Jobin from Biogen, and Alyssa Caddle from Bemis Associates.

Our panelists each discussed how their companies are setting rigorous goals and accelerating their sustainability progress in the face of COVID-19. They underscored the connections between public health, racial equity, a strong economy, and a healthy environment, and how state level policy is at the center of it all. We were inspired to hear all three that the political will for corporate advocacy on climate policy is not diminished because of the pandemic, but rather it is strengthened. We look forward to collaborating with Monica, Johanna, Alyssa, their companies, and our entire ELM Corporate Council to push for strong environmental policy.

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