FY18 Budget Advocacy

Budget Update!: On April 25, 2017, the Massachusetts House took a vote to adopt a budget amendment that provided some additional funds to environmental agencies.


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Green Budget Coalition Top Priorities FY18


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1% for the Environment

Severe cuts to environmental agency budgets and staff reductions are preventing Massachusetts from living up to its potential. Currently, only 0.5% of the state operating budget supports environmental agencies. In our annual Green Budget report we set forth funding recommendations that put us on the right track toward achieving the Governor’s commitment of 1% for the environment. The last time Massachusetts allocated 1% of its budget to environmental programs was in the early 2000’s.

This year, over 100 organizations and businesses have endorsed ELM’s Green Budget, resulting in the largest Green Budget Coalition ever.

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In Massachusetts, we are the beneficiaries of a wealth of natural resources. It is our responsibility to ensure that we continue leading the nation in protecting our environment and the public’s health. We envision a Commonwealth that has healthy communities, great parks, and clean, abundant water.

What You Can Do

Familiarize yourself with the state budget process.

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